Growing up in Toronto, Myles has been a part of the music industry
for almost three decades. Starting out in the late 60's, Myles formed an 
alliance with school friend Lenny Solomon, and soon after formed the
duo Myles & Lenny, which later became one of Canada's most beloved
and premier musical acts. Recording two albums for Columbia Records
and touring with such acts as, The Beach Boys, Billy Joel, Frank Zappa,
Linda Ronstadt, David Bromberg, Savoy Brown, and also writing the
hit song " Can you give it all to me" which awarded them the "Juno Award" 
(Canadian Grammy) for best group of 1975. Myles went on to win the BMI 
Certificate of Honor for Most Outstanding Contribution
to Canadian Music, and the Canadian Entertainment Conference Award for 
Best Song of the Year. Soon after the second album, Myles &
Lenny called it quits, Myles went on to release three solo albums for
the record label Change/MCA Records. After evaluating his career
Myles decided to move to Dallas Texas, where he co founded the record
label NewCo Records with then partner Mark Newberger.
Myles co produced along with Ken Calaitt, producer (Fleetwood Mac)
and released one solo album for the NewCo label, toured extensively,
wrote and produced for TV and Radio commercials, and other artists.
Since then Myles moved to Southern California, where he has started
a production and publishing company called" Myles Music Ltd." Myles also 
spent time working as an extra in movies. but has since moved back to 
Arizona. Myles is now writing and producing for himself and other various 
projects. Myles' music is played all over the world, from Canada to England 
from France to the Netherlands, Japan, and North America.

Myles solo album titles are:
1. Take a ride with me.

2. Start all over again.
3. Myles High.
4. Myles & The Team.

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The first Single! A & B sides, Myles & Lenny!               

" Time to know your friends"

" Believe me"